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Razavi Medical Complex at National Cancer Institute


It is a unique public-private partneship between the Ministry of Health and Ahmad Tea London, that envisaged the construction of a seven story state of the art medical complex that would provide treatment for -


            * 350+ adult oncology patients

             * Fully equipped five operating theaters

             * Bone marrow extraction and transplant unit

             * Medical and surgical intensive care units

             * Day chemotherapy unit

             * Neutorpenic unit for children

             * Laundry and sterilization units

             * In-doo and out-door pharmacies.


The Ministy of Health has initiated a process for the 2nd phase of Razavi Medical Complex named "SUWAPEKSHA", and whilst Ahmad Tea London has generously committed again to administer and manage the project with all related consultancy and professional fees, the Ministry is actively seeking generous contributions from prestigious organisations, firms and individuals to make it happen.


With the completion of "SUWAPEKSHA" there would be a complete National Cancer Institute (NCI) with the highest standards in the region mainly aimed at paediatric requirements of NCI whilst having space allocated for areas that were not covered by Razavi Medical Complex.


The complex was declared open on 3rd August 2016 by His Excellency President Sirisena. The SLLF(UK) was representd by Mr John Kern, the Events Coordinator, from London and Mrs Surangani Amaratunga, the Sri Lanka rep. and her husband Ranjith from Colombo. 


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