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Donations in 2020 and 2021


In November 2021 the following projects were funded by SLLF UK -

      1. Terufusion Infusion Pumps LM700N  4 units at a total cost of USD 4312.00 (LKR 862,400.00)

      2. Philips Goldway Patient Monitors 3 @ LKR 525,000 each. Total cost LKR 1,575,000.00

      3. Trolleys for the Patient monitors 3 @40,000 each. Total cost LKR 120,000.00

      4. Laminating machine MBM-99 A3 size. Cost LKR39,600.00

      5. Blood transfusion sets 200Psc. Cost USD 740.00 (LKR148,000.00)

      6. Supply of Mini Server HP DL360. Total cost LKR 1,004850.00


In 2020, during the height of the Covid 19 pandemic Apeksha hospital urgently requested equipment to upgrade the patient record computer system to link all cancer patient records in all national hospitals to access their system. In August 2020 SLLF UK funded Cisco C9200 series switches at a cost of LKR 829,807.20   

In November 2020 the SLLF UK paid LKR 161,500.00 for the repair of 18 TV panels in several floors of the hospital.

Terumo Infusion Pump LM700N 

Infusion Pump being used in the ward

Total donation of 4 Terumo Infusion Pumps

PHOTO-2022-04-16-14-21-44 2.jpg

Philips Goldway Patient Monitor - donated 3

Donation of Printer Cartridges by SLLF UK President Nihal Perera Jan. 2022

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